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1986 Specialized Allez SE Jim Merz edition, $500

This ’86 bike was put together by 3rensho. Looks gorgeous.

This is a road bike, and a very good one. Specialized sourced this out to 3rensho for the build, and the quality in the construction is unbelievable. Beautiful pointed lugs, with a sparkling blue paint job complimented by clean and tasteful color bands in orange, yellow, and red. The paint on this bike is immaculate; it has been in the garage for way too many years.



1971 54cm Bob Jackson

This 1971 54cm Bob Jackson looks pretty clean. Through the years, it seems to have accumulated a mishmash of both Shimano and Campy parts, including an oddly sized 54x52t crankset.

That said, at a current, albeit under-reserve, bid of $338 and a buy it now of $700, it could be a good steal for someone looking for a nice, vintage Bob Jackson steel frame example.

Frame: Reynolds 531 Tubing
Shifters: Bar End friction
Front and Rear Dearailleur: Campagnolo
Crankset: Campagnolo 54x52t (Yes it is an odd size)
Brake Lever: Shimano 600 non Aero
Seat Post: – 27.2 Camagnolo
Saddle: Ideale Leather with brass rivets.
Wheelset: ISO tubular Wheel set with Dura Ace hubs.

Check it out!

1990 56cm Bridgestone RB-1

I love the Bridgestone RB-1. Sheldon Brown has a magnificent page all about Bridgestone bikes that’s definitely worth a read. As Sheldon said:

Bridgestone “road” bikes, particularly the legendary RB-1, combine frame design taken from classic Italian road bikes of the ’70’s with excellent Japanese workmanship and functional, reliable parts.

This 1990 specimen looks super clean, and the owner had their LBS upgrade the original Suntour gruppo to Shimano Ultegra. But, the good news, that the original Suntour components are included in the sale if you want to restore this back to its original glory. Although, with the Ultegra triple upgrade, this RB-1 would make a great weekend rider with some pretty good vintage cred.

As the seller says, this is THE ONE.

Check it out!